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Be Kind, Opt Out October 8, 2009

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Do you get tired of receiving so many emails every single day? What do you do with them? Do you delete them, unsubscribe or report them to spam? Are you a small business owner, entrepreneur, sales person or work on a commission structure that requires client communication? Why am I asking so many questions?

For those of us who attend networking events, belong to our local Chamber of Commerce or make face to face sales calls, we all have a collection of business cards that are probably put into a contact management system so we can follow up with those contacts.  If you have ever given your business card to someone that you would like to stay connected to, then you may have received an email newsletter or announcements from that contact. After 100’s of these contacts you start getting frustrated with so many emails. You may have given verbal and sometimes written permission (this is best business practice) to receive email but in frustration you report them as “spam”.  What you may not know is that most contact managements systems only allows an average of  only 1 spam report per 1000 emails. If a business gets 4-5 spam reports out of the 1000 emails, the contact management system shuts them down. Why should you care?

Let’s take a quick look at the other side. If you are that individual that has a collection of business cards and have been given permission to send information (should always be written permission) and you get those 4-5 spam reports and your service shuts you down, you suddenly find yourself starting over building your database again.

Whether you are on the sender or receiver side of this story; or maybe both sides, someone’s business is possibly affected in a negative way. We have all heard the old Blockbuster commercial asking people to “Be kind, rewind”. My suggestion is to “Be kind, opt-out”. By simply opting out of someone’s database, everyone wins. The sender isn’t shut down for spam and the receiver will no longer receive unwanted emails.

We are all trying to build our business and get our message out to those who want to read it and the intent is NOT to spam people.  Let’s all be a little more empathetic to the small business owners we meet along the way and simply select the “opt-out” link. Remember, you might be the sender next time.  What would you want the receiver to do?



3 Responses to “Be Kind, Opt Out”

  1. Adalia John Says:

    I am so happy you addressed that issue. I have often times told my children, if we all followed the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” we would have more peace, productivity and profits.

  2. This should be mandatory reading for ALL e-mail users, for most have no idea of the impact of their actions. I’m dealing with that problem now, resulting in friends and family members not receiving requested information, or an announcement of family news, etc. Some of us send e-mail to a large group…a church group, for example…all of whom have asked to be kept current about activities, only to have e-mails blocked or sent to spam folders because a few took the wrong course of action when they could have opted out. Thanks so much for this post!

  3. great advice. Thanks for addressing this issue.

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