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Are you a Social Media Stalker? January 21, 2010

Filed under: Uncategorized — Kay Wallace @ 3:52 am

So you go to networking events and meet people throughout your day that you want to stay in touch with and try to build a relationship in hopes to create ongoing business. You’re connected on facebook, twitter or LinkedIn and want to get your message heard.  Remember, every time you post a comment or respond to someone’s elses post you are creating an impression. What impression are you leaving? Are you a “social media stalker” or a “vomiting Vera”? I have had a few connections on facebook that consistently comment on everything, and I mean everything  just so they can be visible. Their comments are not always applicable to the online conversation and quite often focuses on themselves instead of adding value. You can be viewed as a stalker if you are constantly posting comments on someone’s updates and if you only post things about your business you could be considered a vomiting vera and look desperate. People are not attracted to either. 

Social Media is a platform to build relationships over time not to make a one time sale.  Ask yourself  before you post, comment or reach out to someone “what are my intentions?” Your goal should be to build relationships and the best way to do that is to NOT sell or be pushy. I like to call it “Drip Marketing”. Be subtle and genuine and people will want to do business with you if they get to know the real you.

When you connect with someone online, check out their profile and information.  You will be able to learn a lot about a person by reviewing their social media profiles. They could be someone you don’t want to do business with. There is nothing wrong with being selective about your business relationships.

I would love to hear you stalking and vomiting Vera stories if you have experienced them. Please don’t post names.


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