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Social Media and Politics… October 8, 2009

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What you are saying on facebook? Is it helping or hurting your business relationships? I have 5 rules I adhere to when posting in my social media network. The one I want to talk about today is “NO POLITICS”. If you will think about your social media connections in terms of business, do you want to alienate half of your network by talking politics. Of course, if your business is politics then that’s an entire different arena.

So last week I’m checking my facebook page and watched an entire conversation unfold between two of my “friends” about a video. The conversation began when one of them posted this video and stated that it was political propaganda. To set the tone of the exchange for you, this was exact statement posted :

“How dare Obama ask me to pledge to serve him and give me a guilt trip. I am no mindless robot. I pledge to protest Obama. I have the right to disagree with his policies and he has no right to ask me to serve him without questioning him.”

Out of curiosity I watched the video and personally did not think it was in any way political but began to look at this person that posted it with his comment in a different light. You see, my purpose for any social media is to form relationships with people I would like to do business with or refer my network to. I had to ask myself “Can I recommend my network to this person?”. Within a couple of minutes, someone responded to his post disagreeing with his comment. Over the next 30 minutes I continued to watch their conversation.  Don’t ask me why, but I  could not stop reading; it was like watching a train wreck.  You are shocked and mortified at what is happening but you can’t stop watching. I won’t post the entire exchange between the two of them but will tell you what started as a political statement then went into a discussion about cults, brainwashing and government mind control. I was so stunned at the end of their conversation that as I ask myself the question again “Can I recommend my network to this person?”, my answer was a resounding “NO”.

As we post comments and have conversations on our social media platforms, keep in mind it is not only out there for everyone to read or repost but is also out there forever. Social Media is a public forum so before you post something ask yourself “Is this something I would say in front of an audience of thousands?”